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Bosphorus Cruises: Discover Istanbul's Treasures by Yacht

Updated: Mar 7

Embark on a captivating journey along the Bosphorus with Lotus Yachts, where every turn unveils a story, and every view is a masterpiece. Ideal for a romantic sunset Bosphorus cruise or a surprise proposal on a yacht, this tour promises an experience rich in history and beauty. Our Istanbul yacht rental service offers you the best way to enjoy these breathtaking sights. Let's begin our Bosphorus tour from the historic Rumeli Fortress.

1. Rumeli Fortress – An Imposing Start:

Our voyage starts at the magnificent Rumeli Fortress. This imposing structure, built by Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror, offers a grandiose introduction to Istanbul's storied past. As your Istanbul boat rental gently navigates the waters, the fortress presents a majestic backdrop, perfect for starting your journey.

Rumeli fortress during a Bosphorus cruise by Lotus Yachts

2. The Bosphorus Bridges – Bridging Worlds:

As we sail from the fortress, the iconic Bosphorus Bridges come into view. These engineering marvels symbolize the meeting point of Europe and Asia. Your Bosphorus boat tour offers a unique vantage point to appreciate these structures, making your journey across continents an unforgettable experience.

Bosphorus bridge during a Bosphorus cruise by Lotus Yachts

3. Ortaköy Mosque – Architectural Splendor:

Continuing down the Bosphorus, the elegant Ortaköy Mosque captures your attention. This architectural gem, blending Ottoman and Baroque designs, sits charmingly by the water's edge. The view of the mosque, especially during a sunset Bosphorus cruise, is a photographer’s delight and a romantic's dream.

Ortakoy Mosque during a Bosphorus cruise by Lotus Yachts

4. Dolmabahçe Palace – A Royal Encounter:

Next, behold the splendor of Dolmabahçe Palace. This luxurious palace, once the administrative center of the Ottoman Empire, dazzles with its grandeur. Seen from the deck of your Istanbul yacht rental, the palace's reflection on the water is mesmerizing, offering a glimpse into the opulence of a bygone era.

Dolmabahce Palace during a Bosphorus cruise by Lotus Yachts

5. The Maiden's Tower – An Enchanting Finale:

Our tour concludes with the iconic Maiden's Tower. This historical lighthouse, shrouded in legends, stands gracefully on a small islet. It's a landmark sight on your Bosphorus boat tour, providing a picturesque end to your journey, especially for those planning a surprise proposal.

Maiden's Tower during a Bosphorus cruise by Lotus Yachts


From the historical might of Rumeli Fortress to the enchanting Maiden's Tower, a Bosphorus cruise unveils the heart and soul of Istanbul. Lotus Yachts ensures that your journey – whether it's a leisurely tour, a sunset escapade, or a momentous surprise proposal – is nothing short of magical. Embark on your Istanbul yacht rental adventure today and immerse yourself in the allure of the Bosphorus.

To experience Istanbul's majestic Bosphorus in unparalleled style, visit and book your unforgettable yacht journey now.

Bosphorus cruise by private yacht / Lotus Yachts

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