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How to Make a Surprise Proposal on a Yacht with Laser Show?

Updated: Mar 7

One of the most popular marriage proposal ideas is the proposal made by writing marriage proposal messages with a laser show on the Bosphorus Bridge. This application is carried out with laser devices projected from a special yacht. The most preferred color when reflecting laser writing is green because this color provides much clearer readability compared to others.

The organization must take place in an elegant environment, that the yacht is decorated romantically, that good service, and perfect photo/video shooting are done. Here are the things to be decided for a wonderful marriage proposal organization with laser show under the lights of the Bosphorus in Istanbul;

Surprise Marriage Proposal on a Private Yacht

Have you planned a surprise marriage proposal for your girlfriend?

With what excuse will you invite her to the boat?

We can trick your partner with our scenario where we invite you to the yacht by talking about a promotion when you are walking in the streets of Bebek neighborhood. You can always get ideas from us for different marriage proposal ideas like this one. Click here to get detailed information about our surprise marriage proposal organization and to learn about the prices.

How many people do you plan to be during the marriage proposal organization on the yacht?

Will you be just two people, or do you want to celebrate this moment with a team that will include family or friends?

Since yachts have a legal capacity, we cannot accept more than a certain number of people, even if it is a very large yacht. If you plan to be a large group, it is useful to specify the plan in advance when making a reservation.

Food and Beverages to be Made During Marriage Proposal Organization

What kind of treats would you like to be served?

The main course, dessert, cake, and alcoholic/non-alcoholic drinks can be preferred.

Since yachts generally do not have large kitchen areas, meals must be determined in advance. For this reason, it is useful to specify your requests for food and beverages at the latest one day before the organization.

At Lotus Yachting, you can customize all your meal services in the marriage proposal organization. You can organize your cake with a heart shape, your food vegan, or your drink by ordering a very special champagne.

How Should the Route be During Marriage Proposal Organization on a Yacht?

While it is possible to organize this organization with a 1-hour yacht cruise, you can also make a historical tour with a route that includes the Maiden's Tower, Beylerbeyi Palace, and Ortaköy in 2-3 hours.

During our marriage proposal organizations, the yacht departures/and arrives from/to Bebek or Kandilli. If you want to be picked up from a different location, additional fees may apply or the duration of your tour may be shortened.

What is Written on the Bridge with the Laser Show During Marriage Proposal on a Yacht?

Is it just your names or do you want a private message written too? Have you checked romantic marriage proposal messages?

You can always consult us about words that can be written with a laser. But no matter what, make sure that it is a sentence that is specific to you and that you can express yourself.

The sentences mustn't be too long, because long sentences will appear by sliding, so you may have to wait for a very long time.

Do not forget that what you say will be important for your girlfriend along with the laser writing.

How to Choose an Engagement Ring When Proposing on a Yacht?

You must choose a ring that suits her taste.

Perhaps you can consult one of her closest friends.

You can also consider buying a temporary ring and replacing it with one that she might like after you propose.

Music Options While Proposing on a Private Yacht at the Bosphorus

Wouldn't you like a song from the two of you to accompany this special moment? Well, have you thought about proposing with live music?

At Lotus Yachting, you can choose the music you want for the marriage proposal moment, or you can make a proposal accompanied by live music. You can increase the romance with a magnificent musical feast during the marriage proposal organization on the Bosphorus, where professional violinists or saxophonists can perform.

How Should the Yacht be Decorated During Marriage Proposal Event?

How will the yacht be decorated? Should it be decorated with balloons or rose petals? Candles, candlesticks, flowers..., which should it be?

The correct answer to this one depends on the taste of both you and your girlfriend.

It would be right to agree with a yacht company that can provide a decoration that suits your taste. As Lotus Yachting, we can offer different alternatives in decoration, and you can also have the chance to make a difference in decoration with the flowers you choose. In addition, we renew our decoration products every year following the trends.

If you want to clarify all these details and give your girlfriend a perfect moment, we can make this moment unforgettable with our luxury yachts and organizational experience. Contact us for the prices and details of our surprise marriage proposal organization on the yacht in the Bosphorus of Istanbul.



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